Cukiernia Komandorska


Cukiernia Komandorska

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UPDATE (18/05/2018): I know I was just here, however I had gotten out of work nearby and had to wait for a friend to finish so we could go out to Spiż for banana beer.  Having 30 minutes to kill, I figured – a milkshake, why not?  I circled back here and got their Chocolate Dream (Czekoladowy Sen).  He charged me 14zł even though it was posted up on the menu display as 15zł.  I didn’t fight with him.  I requested it to-go and he said that wouldn’t be a problem.  They actually ended up giving it to me in a very large, commercially designed – with the swirling “Cafe, Coffee, Cappuccino” tag words – paper cup with a tall green straw shooting out the opening spot for sipping.  It worked splendidly.  The younger gentleman delivered it to me upstairs where I had decided to set up shop on one of the black couches previously mentioned in the review.  And, dear lord if it wasn’t one of the most comfortable places to sit that I’d ever found.  I just sunk into this gushy, mushy pillow and reveled in a milkshake – which, by the way, wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but I’d venture to say it was one of the highest caliber in terms of quality.  It had a little grit, but this wasn’t powder grit.  It was substance made finer by a blender – the real chocolate in the chocolate ice cream shining through.  As people hiked upstairs with their sundaes and as I nursed my emerald straw, I was once more hit with how sensational this cafe is in how it manages to effortlessly stick to your heart.

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