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UPDATE 05.09.2018: Headed back here with a friend – man, was there just no resisting a second visit to this corner tale of chocolate and schmoozing – and for a second time they didn’t disappoint.  I got their chocolate-coffee shake with a scoop of ice cream in it (zestaw mrożona kawowa czekolada z gałką lodów).  Yes, you heard that right.  On the receipt, they even have a breakdown of the cost of all the drink’s component parts which I though was pretty interesting (a total of 15zł composed of the chocolate shake itself=7zł, whipped cream=4zł, and the ice scream scoop=4zł).  We had 3 ice cream choices of the day (caramel, cream, or a fruit one) and I went for cream.  You know that blissful bite into a chocolate truffle that is both fluffy enough to lift your spirits and so heavy in richness that you feel like you’re living some type of luxury?  This coffee and chocolate icy blend is the milkshake embodiment of this, once more making undeniable Czekoladziarnia’s intimate knowledge of chocolate.

My friend – who purchased the chocolate cake at my urging – smiled up at me at one point.  And, amongst her (now delightedly) quick words announced, “I mean, I wouldn’t eat another one because it’d be too sweet.”  I burst out laughing not because of the words exactly, but the logic that brought her to the conclusion of can not eat another slice.  The conversational context was how she was trying to cut sugar a bit from her diet for her health.  But, when it comes to Czekoladziarnia chocolate cake, health is not even factored in.  You just need to judge how much of a moment’s sweetness you can handle ❤

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