Lulu Cafe

Lulu Cafe

(Galeria Dominikańska)


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.53.06 AM.png

UPDATE:  I got a new camera so that my panorama photos could once again be of a higher quality.  This means that I decided to go back to cafes I’d already visited in order to snap a better shot that shows more details and paints a more accurate picture of the cafe space.  Because I understand that it may look weird to just walk into a place, take a pano, and walk out, I would ask the baristas or staff in these instances whether they were okay with me taking a quick picture.  I feel that, under these obscure circumstances, I should give this courtesy.  I also think it allows the people working to turn around, duck down, or move out of frame in case they dislike being photographed.

So, I went back to LuLu to more attractively depict the cafe.  However, upon asking whether capturing this image was alright, two women behind the counter shook their head, flatly denied, and told me if I wanted a picture, I could get one online.  So I will, per their lack of permittance, retain the above so you get the (please excuse my language) crappiest side of LuLu’s.  Now the above does more than just display the space, it displays the intolerance and sourness that the staff effortlessly tosses in.  I’m just glad I have no reason to ever come here again.

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