Cukiernia Sowa (Arkady)

Cukiernia SowaScreen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.57.18 AM.png

UPDATE: My boss at work picked up the Torcik Joli (=51.9zł/kg) for the office because of whatever good mood he was in.  Not complaining, simply mentioning it because I think this fact made the cake of rum cream and chocolate sponge cake that much more scrumptious.  All of the ingredients are spiraled up into the middle and topped with a sowa-stamped chocolate coin in the middle.  Where the whipped cream around the center moats there is a wash of advocat that is both tasty as well as a good dose of color contrasted.  The outermost edge is then sprinkled with chocolate shavings.  When you cut into it, all of the layers proudly sit atop one another and finally the blackcurrant at the very bottom is revealed.  It is the perfect flavorful, heavy berry to pair with a traditional chocolate and cream cloud cake such as this one.  Each forkful is surprisingly full of sour, sweet, and smooth.  Why it is joli rather than szczęśliwego is beyond me seeing as all the component parts (well, aside from the rum – but I mean alcohol) undoubtedly demonstrate a version of Polish happiness.

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