Hi All,


I decided to delve back into my old photos and include cafes that I had frequented before the idea of this blog ever had some manifestation.  You’ll see a couple entries labeled “CLOSED:-” without blog postings, but with pictures and links.  Because I think of this blog as a multi-faceted thing – a record for me, an advise column for others, a historical record for the sake of coffee historians and those curious about the what-was of coffee establishments – I’m just going to include these for kicks.  Maybe you find yourself wondering about what you missed.  Maybe you’re trying to tell someone about this cafe that’s no longer there, but you used to love.  I’m hoping these extras of sorts – cafes you can’t visit, but can find digitized forever – might help someone in some way.


And, so that this blog post isn’t just boring ‘ole writing, I snapped the shot below while stopping into DD with my brother and my sister-in-law.  Quiz yourself on your espresso drink expertise below (the Dunkin Donuts test anyways) 🙂


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