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UPDATE (11.03.2018):  I came back here.  I was really aching to try one of their breakfast sets – Śniadanie na Trawie as they call it – which comes with either a cup of drip coffee or tea and one of their homemade cookies.  I was particularly eyeing the vegan kiełbasa (two words I never thought I’d pair together unless they were some frozen Trade Joe’s product).

And – as they played “Great Balls of Fire” for the second time in a row – I went that way.

I got the lactose-free, vegan option of the vegan pepper kiełbasa  with their focaccia bread, in-house pumpkin ketchup, hummus, and watercress salad with a light oil dressing and sprinkled with kala til.  Everything had an unconventional flavor.  The hummus – olive oil fattening it up – was savory, but fresh.  The focaccia, nicely seared ensuring a toasty texture, was even herbed favorably.  But, I know you’d like to know about the main event – that pseudo-sausage.  And, the first thing you should know is that it is soft.  As in, without any pressure at all, it will just break apart.  It wouldn’t make a good burger patty, but fork and knife works just fine.  I think it is mainly bean-based.  As you break it apart, you see all the constituents.  The fried onion, the bean skins, and of course the chopped red pepper.  You may suspect that the texture would be a problem.  On the contrary, with the bread and the many midribs of the watercress, their is more than enough structure.  I don’t think I’d get it again although it is a unique dish that is not only meatless, but colorful.  If you’re looking for something other than eggs and bacon or – in Poland – bułki z masłem i jajecznicę z kiełbasa, then you’ll enjoy this.  It is also immensely satiating for what it is.  Maybe it was the cookie.

Speaking of which, this semi-soft sugar cookie tastes oddly more like butter than butter tastes like butter.  I feel like saying buttery doesn’t truly cover it.  If you don’t like butter cookies, skip this.  At first I tried to break a piece off and it wouldn’t budge.  This made me nervous.  However, I found that for this lightly browned biscuit, it was only a matter of biting into it.  It doesn’t crumble apart.  It just doesn’t lend itself to being ripped.  But, if you need a soft cookie – like if that is essential in your cookie preferences, I would recommend not wasting your time on this.

But the coffee.  Thank you Czarny Deszcz.  It was full all the way through.  When you get a black coffee and they make you an Americano, you frequently get a cup of coffee that tastes spotty or dulled.  This cup boasted a flavor, soured by fruits that balanced with a well-rounded, caramel kind of sweet.  Not only is it a cup that has a distinguishable initial bite, it is a cup of coffee that’s bite is the vigor of its base flavor for the life of the drink.


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