CLOSED: The Chocolate Turtle

The Chocolate Turtle

Below you’ll find a review that I got my brother (the blonde in the man sweater above) to write for me.  He went to Flagler and got to experience this cafe on multiple occasions whereas I only got the one time with him pictured.  Anyways, I thought this review (or dedication in this case) would be better from him 🙂

“This quaint, special coffee shop located in the heart of Saint Augustine was one of the best places to sit and relax in between classes or just on a quiet evening.

I always enjoyed sitting in the charming courtyard sipping on my drip coffee and people watching. You could spend hours there and forget what time it is. One day, I missed a class because I got encompassed in the serenity it provided. I was just there reading a book and lost track of time. Needless to say, my professor understood because he had done it himself a time or two before.

Their specialty desert was called the “Chocolate Turtle.” It a ball of homemade salted caramel, lying on a bed of chocolate cake, covered in dark chocolate mousse and then finally covered in chocolate ganache with a ring of pecans. What chocolatey goodness.
Some of my other favorite decadent desserts were the Carrot Cake and the Lemon Hazelnut Cake. Not only were they awfully tasty, they gave extremely generous portions. The portion sizes could feed two, if not more, people.

Overall, I wish this place was still in business because I would go there every week even though I live in Orlando now.”


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