Foxtail Coffee Co.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 11.09.19 PM.png


UPDATE (12.06.2018): Ended up circling back here after one evening of Italian food out in WPV.  My dad’s exact words were, “well, what about that place your mother said is too dark?”  I laughed in understanding – of my mother, not of the cafe she referred to – and we headed over to Foxtail at my behest.  I remember it being open till 22:00.  However, I Googled it to double-check and found that it is actually open till 00:00.  Something must’ve changed.  Something must be going on.

When we arrived, the doors available for entry had doubled.  The space had grown tremendously – the barn door acting as a partition in the previous cafe was pushed aside – with this cafe adopting something called a Gravity Bar.  I found an article about this new area being called the Farmhouse and opening up last April.  Later night owls had nabbed a glass of wine while some still stuck with coffee at the tables perched on window sills and high top tables.  My father and I picked up some cappuccinos ($4.25 each) and sat in the original barn wing.  He asked me questions about where they got their beans, whether the coffee was a blend, what made it taste different from Starbucks, etc.  When he finished sipping it down to the echo of a plastic cup, he flipped it and said, “two conclusions: one, good.  Two, too small.”  The whole way back to the car I explained the beauty of a cappuccino’s delicate proportions, why they had done this part right.  Later on the discussion blossomed as, back at home, he mentioned once more that the cappuccino really was good and a nice change of pace.  I begged to differ.  Yes, the quality was their.  However, their was a flavor at the tail end of the espresso that was unpleasant.  The proportions of their blend was off.  I understood where he was coming from though.  The conclusory note was this – this cappuccino is like bleu cheese.  It is distinct, it is unmistakeable from the other cheeses, but it takes a very specific person to enjoy it and is better as a garnish or additive to enhance other flavors (so, if you put sugar in it, it’s like adding lettuce to a bleu cheese crumble salad).  I would never get it again, but why other people do again and again does nothing to perplex me.


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