Boba Tea Blurb: Best NYC//Chewy Boba

Awhile back I wrote myself a list of what I considered New York’s best.  Living there for 4 years during college, I came to know the city and found out what it had to offer.  A small part of that list was dedicated to Boba Tea –

  1. Best Bubble Tea: DEPENDS

Recently, I was home for the first time in over a year and hit up a place in my hometown of Orlando called Chewy Boba.  You have this to thank for the above.

Note: They have amazing taro tea, Vietnamese coffee, and a punch card to boot.

You’re welcome.

————-IMG_20171125_212728420.jpg IMG_20171125_212733868.jpg IMG_20171125_212738320.jpg IMG_20171125_212750711.jpg IMG_20171125_212755060.jpg———-

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