I’m not one to head to a teahouse.  As this blog so clearly demonstrates, they’re not really my thing.  That being said, a friend of mine – a Wrocławian native if you will – took me to this place right outside of the city center.  I itched to call it a “tea joint” just then, but the amount of hookah being smoked here made it feel much to ironic to do so.  Seeing as the tea she and I shared wasn’t really anything special, let me just state one thing: the ambiance and setting were spectacular.  A bite to the cold outside and yet, you could sit in their outdoor area with the heating lights on and the simply-patterned cushions between you and the patio planks and strip to your thinnest.  Honestly, Monika and I didn’t even mind the tea’s lack of flavor too astounded by how the warmth seemed to radiate in all ways – mood included.  Just an amazing place to kick back and chat.  Besides, the menu is so extensive.  I think that this, in conjunction with the tearoom’s feng shui feel, makes it worth another shot; not to mention worth an initial shot  🙂


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