Nowy Bufet

Nowy Bufet

Okay guys and gals, hold onto your hats, this is something to get excited about.  No, this is not a hipster coffee shop.  No, this place isn’t an underwater cafe.  No, this place isn’t open till Hell opens it’s gates.


This place serves drip coffee.

You heard me.  This place pours drip coffee from a pot.

And, I’m serious now sit down.

It comes with a free refill.

And and and it costs 4zł.

No cappuccinos or lattes, no iced coffee or milkshakes – just big or small, milk or no milk.

And there are American-style pancakes, and a Reuben, and Croquet Monsieur, and all the food makes no sense, but who cares.

The depressing part now: open M-F from 9-16:00.

However, I’m confident you’ll find time…


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