(CLOSED) Pan i Pani Smith

Pan i Pani Smith


UPDATE: So, something that is very important to me is cafe hours.  I include it as a factor for rating the cafes I go to for several reasons.  I’d like to list those quickly here and then I will explain why here.

  1.  Once upon a time when I lived in New York, I used to love coffee late at night.  However, all of the specialty coffee shops close at around 6.  Some till 8.  A few till 10. And then, diners.  Diners are known to carry coffee 24 hours along with everything else you can ever want in life at 2:13am.  Even though everything can be a bit pricier, I always valued having this place to go at all hours (after a long night, during a long night, for a long night).  I considered the higher prices almost a luxury tax, the luxury of whenever.  So, if a cafe is open late, I want it to see some credit for that.  The staff need to clean up and therefore go home way later than the day coffee shop employees.  Credit where credit is due.
  2. I have closed many cafes and feel mortified when a) they kick me out early or b) the hours online were wrong and it was actually time to close up shop and I hadn’t paid, finished, or cleaned myself up.  When I know the hours for certain, the whole experience is much calmer and more enjoyable.
  3. I loathe those coffee shop employees that make up hours as they go.  Therefore, knowing when a cafe operates is a key component to customer satisfaction and an overall enjoyable experience.

So, why here?

I went back to Pan i Pani today because online there hours were posted in two different places as differently.  When I asked the lady behind the counter their hours (because they weren’t posted outside she said agitated, “9AM-10PM and sometimes 9AM-9PM.”  I asked her why sometimes and when those sometimes were.  Did it just depend?  She looked at me, irritated now, and said yeah..

This cafe is the perfect example of why I have Hours as a category.  I like to hold accountable cafes that are inconsistent.  This blog should be a reliable source for cafe-goers and if they aren’t sure if the cafe is open, or will be open, that is a major issue.

UPDATE 01/07/2018: Reported closed online. Must check when I’m back in Kraków.

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