UPDATE:  I realize that when I went here again in November, I forgot to update the blog.  Just know that I’m back here all the time.  However, while an old friend of mine was in town yesterday, I ended up here again as is only fitting.  She had only eaten half of her pesto and pine nut pasta, which she offered up to me.  I took her up on it, not having eaten, and it was yummy.  Just in case you’re looking for food.  Now, the better part.  She and I sat and, having just finished her raspberry beer, we decided to glance at the drinks menu to see how we could prolong our stay.  We both got the Raspberry Grzaniec (w/ actual, fresh raspberries floating in it) and it was delightful.  I always have to consider cost here though at Camelot (it’s well-known and charges a little higher than normal), but with all the fruit, the 14.5zł price tag wasn’t half bad.  We enjoyed our time.  As always however, when it came to the bill, things took a turn.  It was a little after 23:00 and I guess they stop taking card at some point, but failed to tell us.  So, Kristin had to go run to an ATM.  Paying here is never fun, that’s all there is to it.


*Photo directly above is circa 2014.

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