Krakow (& Wrocław ((((& 1 Gdansk) & 1 Katowice) & 1 Świdnica) & 2 Warsaw) Yarn & Knitting Stuff Stores

I also have another hobby – knitting.

And, I’ve found that Krakow’s knitting resources is underrepresented.  So, here I will add a Krakow Yarn & Knitting Stuff Stores Encyclopedia of sorts.  Just something to reference if you need some needles for a project while on vacation or need to continue your search for the perfect color  🙂

*Pro-tip: If it says “Pasmanteria” they most likely have yarn.  I say most likely because I have been to some that are specialized towards sewing needs.

KEY: N-North; S-South; E-East; W-West; C+NSEW-Centrum+NSEW

  1. Kłębuszek. Pasmanteria. Dobrosielski A. (WC)

Karmelicka 46, 30-001 Kraków

The one everyone actually tells you about.  But, it’s pricey.  Probably precisely because people think this is the sole provider in Krakow.

2. Pentelka Pasmanteria (E)

Starowiślna 77, 31-052 Kraków


3. Galeria Krakowska (C)

Pawia 5, 31-154 Kraków

4. M1 Booth (E)

Aleja Pokoju 67, 31-580 Kraków

5. Mari Yarn (CS)

ul. Dietla 50, Krakow


6. “Rajstopy i wszystko na stopy” (C)

ul. Szewska 23 Kraków

*Smack in the city center.  This place is a perfect example of what I’m talking about: a great, unacknowledged resource.

7. Agata. Usługi Krawieckie (E)

31-462 Kraków, Pilotów 45, woj. małopolskie


8. Butik (In the Alma building) (E)

Pilotów 6, 30-964 Kraków


9. Pasmanteria PENTELKA (S)

Starowiślna 77, 31-052 Kraków


10. Pasmanteria booth in TESCO building (S)

Kapelanka 54, 30-347 Kraków



11. ul. Filipa 6, Kraków


12. Słowiańska 4, 31-141 Kraków,Zamki_Blyskawiczne_Pasmanteria_Artykuly_Przemyslowe_Suwak_Barbara_Checinska,Krakow,firma.html


13. Desperak Danuta

Garbary 8, 80-827 Gdańsk


14. Pasmanteria “NOVA”

Świętego Jana 3, Katowice


15. Pasmanteria, świat włóczek

Długa 25, 58-100 ŚwidnicaIMG_20180414_121333012.jpg

16. Hewex sklep pasmanteryjny

Grota-Roweckiego 7D, 30-001 KrakówIMG_20180429_102338636.jpg


17. Pasmanteria Usługi Krawieckie

ul. Robotnicza 1


*The cabinet picture is really all the yarn they sell.  So, if you’re looking for something not specific, you can pick up some here.  But if you want a wide range of options, this isn’t the place for you I’m afraid.  It’s more for seamstresses.

18. HobbyCentrum – BPV Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Komandorska 4A, 11-400 Wrocław



ul. Kołłątaja 24, 11-400 Wrocław


20. Pasjonateria

Łódzka 10, róg ul. Wesołej i Łódzkiej, 50-521 Wrocław

IMG_20171220_170210773 (1).jpg


21. Pasmanteria Milanówek

Powstańców Śląskich 141, 11-400 Wrocław



22. Mari Yarn

pl. Staszica 20,

50-001 Wrocław, Polska

M-F {11.00-18.00};

Sat {11.00-15.00}


23. Pasaż Zielińskiego

Swobodna 37, 50-088 Wrocław



24. Pasmanteria

Hala Mirowska Plac Mirowski 1


25. Pasmanteria Warszawa

pawilon 52, al. Jana Pawła II 45A, 01-001 Warszawa


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