Cukiernia Jagiellońska

Cukiernia Jagiellońska



UPDATE: While my parents were in town last week, I took them by this spot.  Yes, the lady was still very angry (so I think it’s a personality thing), but as long as you don’t let that bother you, it’s great.  My dad got a slice of Szarlotka (apple cake) as well as a slice of Sernik (Polish cheesecake).  I got the Owocowy Tort na śmietanie (Creamy fruit cake) and I enjoyed it very much.  My mother ordered their Brownie.  I tried a bit and thought it was good but she, being a chocolate connoisseur and all proclaimed it too dry and didn’t finish it.  If you’re picky about your chocolate like she is, I’d advise another place.  They both sipped gladly on their Cappuccinos though; no complaints uttered (:

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