Krakow (& Wrocław ((((& 1 Gdansk) & 1 Katowice) & 1 Świdnica) & 2 Warsaw) Yarn & Knitting Stuff Stores

I also have another hobby – knitting. And, I’ve found that Krakow’s knitting resources is underrepresented.  So, here I will add a Krakow Yarn & Knitting Stuff Stores Encyclopedia of sorts.  Just something to reference if you need some needles for a project while on vacation or need to continue your search for the perfect color […]

The Coffee Frauds

I’m just going to include here – for fun – the places I thought were coffee shops or were not what I’d consider coffee shops here. I like to document my failed endeavors too. Anyways, The travel agency on Sw. Sebastiana btwn Swietej Gertrudy and Wojciecha Boguslawskiego. This “24 hour” joint which, when you discover […]


It was brought to my attention that this was hard to locate among the volume of cafes.  So here you go 🙂 : // *If you would like to navigate the blog through the map (look up a destination – example below is Iceland – then find cafes in that area instead of seeing a cafe name […]