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*Update: I went back to get the “New York Cheesecake” for my Gilmore Girls revival binge.  And, despite the skepticism that everyone I sent the picture of it to expressed, it was almost exactly like the New York Cheesecake I know and love.  Cake is a definite 5  🙂

**Update: Third time back here (wait what?) because I wanted to take advantage of their daily deal of 1zł espresso before 13:00.  Know that if you’d like to take it to-go, it will cost you 2zł (that now includes the cup), but this is completely arbitrary.  The espresso was divine and, as I looked at the case and the menu again, it struck me just how affordable and amazing this place really is.  Their might very well be a fourth time in my future…

***Update: Told you there’d be a fourth.  I just really like this place.  And everything is so affordable.  I got large black coffee again (I forgot what I’d gotten before) and a Murzynek or their brownie (5zł).  It was a whole lengthwise slice of their fudge-covered rectangular cake.  It didn’t have any chips, which she told me when I asked, but I still had to go for it.  It was good, not too sweet or heavy.  Just enough.  I think with all the wondrous stuff they offer here, you should just shell out another 2zł.  However, I also think you’d enjoy it nonetheless.  The music blasting was also so much 80s, so much.  I still can’t get over how golden it was.

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